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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is THTn?

Thoughtable Network, or THTn for short, is a new cryptocurrency available for mining. For more information, please visit our Whitepaper for more info: .

How do I earn THTn?

Simply by tapping the logo on the main page allows you to mine THTn for a 24 hour cycle.

Is this free money?

No, this isn’t free money. This is mining cryptocurrency. This takes very little effort on your part. But if you consider that free money then good for you!

How much is THTn worth? 

As of right now, THTn is not worth anything. Once we list THTn in a marketplace, then value can be gained. It is unknown what that value will be as the market will determine its worth. 

How do I get it to trade or sell?

We will eventually be starting to KYC(Know Your Client) users once we become large enough to do so. This will happen around the time we list on a marketplace. Please be patient at this time.

Is this a scam?

No. We have no interest in scamming anyone. This is a legitimate business that is looking to advance further in the world.

Does it cost me anything?

No. No money is required to mine THTn (All you need is a supported smart device and an active internet connection – not provided by the team).


How does this app work?

We have made this app simple for you to use. Just tap the THTn logo on the main page to start mining, and that is all. You can exit the app, and it will continue to mine for 24 hours. After that, you will need to tap the logo again to mine for 24 more hours.

How does this affect my phone?

This should have minimal effect on your phone. We are cloud based, so the work of mining is done via the cloud so the app does not rely solely on GPU/CPU resources – making it easy to mine while still being able to use all the features of your phone/device.

Can I create multiple accounts to mine THTn?

No. You may only have 1 account to mine. During KYC process, we will be verifying each account to 1 person. We will not merge accounts, and you will be at risk of losing all accounts for fraudulent activity.

Are there countries restricted from mining?

Yes. Please consult your local laws for restrictions on mining and possessing cryptocurrency.

What is the max supply of THTn?

The max supply of THTn will be 1,500,000,000. As of now, 250,000,000 will be available for mining. That may increase by a little in the future, but will not decrease.

Is this only available on Android?

As of now, yes. We will be working to try to bring this to iOS devices as well. 

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